ZULI MILK has been an important part of our family, since the brand emerged from our father who decided to undertake with his project: “Packing whole milk powder in flexible packaging”, in order to make the product accessible to less privileged sectors, because the common in the 90s was the use of cans for this, increasing the cost of the product. Unfortunately, his dream was truncated along with his early decease at the age of 48. After time and mourning for his departure, his wife decided to continue her dream, going so far as to build a packing plant that came to have more than 100 employees and a variety of products and brands to offer to the Venezuelan market, with the support of her three children. Thus, managing to establish the ZULI MILK brand, among the first preferred brands in the Venezuelan market for dairy market around 20 years. In order for this legacy to be passed on to all those Venezuelans and others who have emigrated to the United States, today we are proud to be able to introduce ZULI MILK with a new packaging, in a new country, but with the same hardworking, and fighting spirit that has characterized our family from our ancestors of Spanish origin, who have taught us that being an immigrant is not easy, but it’s certainly to leave a mark on the country that tucks us in, and to offer our goodness and qualities for the economic growth of it and to generate sources of work for other families to benefit. Because definitely a country is made by its people who live in and we want to remain an example of work and effort now in America who has opened the doors to our whole family.