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Our History

At the beginning of 1994, was launched in Venezuela a new brand of powdered milk in flexible packaging under the brand name "ZULI MILK." The original packaging contained 400 grams, and was later substituted with a container of 1000 grams.

An entrepreneur experienced in the commercialization of powdered milk, being the first client of INDULAC, C.A, companies which at that time possesses the main brands of canned powdered milk in Venezuela. While marketing INDULAC brands, the owner developed a large client portfolio and saw the opportunity for other possible potential clients, where he could place his product “ZULI MILK”. At the time, there were very few powdered milk products in Venezuela, which further facilitated the introduction of ZULI MILK into the market.

In 1995, Industries Zuly Milk, c.a., became the first company in Venezuela to pack and sell powdered milk in a flexible package. In the years that followed and under the direction of Mr. Nava´s wife María Felipe de Nava and their children, Industries Zuly Milk, C.A. decide to launch new products in the Venezuelan market, expanding the diversity of milk-related products and creating a new line of cocoa powder.

At the same time Industries Zuly Milk, C.A. were developing new products, it was also providing new lines of services for packaging different products in the food industry. As a result, Industries Zuly Milk, C.A. is one of the best primary packing companies in Venezuela.

Under the direction of wife´s owner, president of the company, the quality and the tradition continues, as well as the successes and the growth of this completely Venezuelan owned and operated company.

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